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Guardian Fleet Services is Now Alerting Through Safety Cloud®

WEST PALM BEACH, FL, August 30, 2022 – Guardian Fleet Services (GFS), a leading towing, recovery, and specialized transportation service provider, announced a new technology feature tailored to protect all our tow operators that will be added to all tow trucks called HAAS Alert Safety Cloud. Safety Cloud sends out preemptive digital alerts when our tow trucks are actively assisting motorists, law enforcement or are stopped with their warning lights activated to give drivers approaching within one-mile time to slow down and move over. Guardian Fleet Services are confident that this proven safety feature will increase the safety of our towers and drivers on the road as well as first responders at accident scenes.

Drivers can receive the alerts via their mobile devices through the Waze navigation app, Apple Maps, and in the dashboard of many newer-model vehicles direct via OEM navigation systems. Safety Cloud recently expanded to over 4 million vehicles through a partnership with global automaker Stellantis. Drivers of 2018 and newer models of Jeep, Ram, Chrysler, Dodge and Alfa Romeo vehicles will receive Safety Cloud alerts through the new EVAS (Emergency Vehicle Alert System) feature. HAAS Alert is continuing to work on expanding the alerts to other services and vehicles so that all drivers can receive these critical road safety alerts.

“We’re excited to add another level of protection for our towers in order to make sure they are able to do their jobs as safely as possible,” said Guardian Fleet Services President, Scotty Crockett. “This service connects and protects our towers in the field and the drivers around them by giving motorists extra time to see us, slow down, and move over safely. Waze and Apple Maps are free-to-use apps, so we encourage drivers to get advanced warning of our presence when we’re actively responding.”

About Guardian Fleet Services Inc.

Headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL, Guardian Fleet Services provides superior towing, recovery, and specialized transportation services to municipal, state, federal agencies, and commercial enterprises.

Guardian Fleet Services was formed in 2017, following the mergers of Kauff’s Transportation Systems of West Palm Beach and Crockett’s Towing of Tampa, FL. Guardian Fleet Services continues to acquire and merge Florida-based service providers under the Guardian brand. Currently, there are 26 locations strategically located throughout the state. The affiliated companies have 100+ years of combined experience, 300 employees, and more than 350 pieces of specialized towing and transportation equipment.

Guardian Fleet Services proudly supports the Move Over law to keep all emergency service providers safe.


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