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Guardian Fleet Services companies are the leaders in providing uncompromised professional towing, recovery and specialized transportation to municipal, state and federal agencies, and commercial enterprises throughout Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Texas, and beyond for the last 70+ years. Learn more about the history of our large consolidation of towing brands that have now formed the largest towing group in the Southeastern US.

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Recognized as one of the nation’s premier service providers to municipal, state and federal agencies, our dispatch centers provide true 24/7 service, with communicaitons abilities that ensure service to customers regardless of weather conditions.

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      Customer Testimonials

      “I would like to thank the people at Ace wrecker for their prompt and courteous service Jeff my tow truck driver was great. My Tahoe threw a serpentine belt and they picked me up on little notice thank you guys very much if I’m ever in a situation where I need a tow I will use you again and I highly recommend everybody use them that needs a tow.”

      Dan Gore Orange County, Fl - (Ace Wrecker)

      “We’ve used this company a few times over the years and have always had professional and courteous service. Dylan Powell was so helpful and knowledgeable on how to help us with my son’s car. I highly recommend.”

      Shawn Tyson Land O' Lakes, FL - (Crockett's Towing)

      “Class act!

      Mike came out with a massive wrecker and saved the day for us. We got our 85 foot lift stuck in the swamp and he had no problem pulling it out.

      Less than 1 hour response. Friendly service.

      Fair price!
      Would absolutely call again.”

      5/5 stars via Google Reviews
      Logan Scanlon West Palm Beach, FL (Kauff's Transportation Systems)

      “I’ve dealt with a lot of towing places and this by far is the best!
      Had a huge semi recovery and needed a lot of info and updates regarding it.
      The office was absolutely wonderful and kept me up to date with constant updates which were HUGE and helped me immensely. The guys on site were very polite and worked the scene flawlessly. Despite the weather and conditions they really put in the time and effort to get the job done. Great company to work with.”

      5/5 stars via Google Reviews
      EvolvingEvo8 Fort Myers, FL (Alligator Towing)

      “The correct equipment for the job. And now they have generator back up on the call center, for your safety.”

      5/5 stars via Google Reviews
      David Iverson Miami, FL (Kauff's Transportation Systems)

      “they went above and beyond. helped me get my 12 axle (grossing 197,000) out of one hell of a bind. i highly recommend these guys for their professionalism and care. they payed it forward 10 fold. thank you again for going above and way beyond.”

      5/5 stars via Google Reviews
      Anonymous Tampa, FL (Professional Towing)

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      Guardian Fleet Services is the largest commercial towing, heavy-duty, and specialized transportation fleet in the United States. Guardian Fleet Services has over 550 pieces of equipment that can tow or recover any type of equipment or vehicle.

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