Towing Services

Crockett's Heavy-Duty Tow Truck towing construction equipment

Light-Duty Towing

With a fleet of over 100 light-duty and medium-duty tow trucks, Guardian Fleet Services can provide damage-free, worry-free towing.

Our broad range of state-of-the-art equipment and well-trained professional operators assures that our customers will receive prompt and efficient service at competitive rates.

Flat Bed Tow Truck with Construction Equipment on It

Heavy-Duty Towing

Guardian Fleet Services is the largest heavy-duty and commercial towing and recovery service provider in the United States.

Heavy-duty wreckers ranging from 25 to 100 tons — with rotating recovery cranes — are available 24/7 for your emergency towing and recovery needs.

All vehicles are GPS- and video camera-equipped and operated by the nation’s most competent and qualified personnel.


From a simple winch out to an overturned tractor and trailer – and anything in between – our teams are equipped for any situation, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our mission is to respond to a scene big or small with the necessary equipment for complete scene restoration.

Our state-of-the-art wreckers are fully stocked with rigging to perform any recovery, including web straps and chains to spreader bars. Our operators are highly skilled and well trained in all aspects of vehicle recovery.

We continually invest in our operator’s education and training to assure our operators are the best they can be and ensure our customers are in good hands when we arrive on the scene.

Professional Heavy-Duty trucks recovering a truck on a bridge

Towing Management

Guardian Fleet Services companies have provided quality towing, recovery, and municipal transportation since 1954.

Recognized as one of the nation’s premier service providers to municipal, state and federal agencies, Guardian Fleet Services’ dispatch centers and personnel provide 24/7 service. All dispatch facilities have redundant communications abilities that ensure service to customers regardless of weather conditions.

Guardian Fleet Services provides nationwide dispatch and tow management solutions to some of the nation’s largest commercial enterprises and utilities.

The company has consulted on municipal towing contracts and advised state and municipal agencies on best practices to serve their citizens.

Crockett's Tow Truck Fleet


Our locations are strategically placed throughout Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, and Texas. Each location is adequately sized to accommodate any number and type of equipment that we operate and store.

Whether it’s several tractors and trailers, large commercial vehicles involved in an accident, impounded vehicles or vessels, recreational vehicles, and law-enforced held vehicles (indoor or outdoor), we can store your vehicles and equipment.

Our storage locations can provide a safe and secure parking situation for private vendors as well as the ability to offer space to recreate accident scenes for investigation purposes.

Our locations offer secure, fenced lots monitored by high-resolution video surveillance systems.

Storage Facility