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When disaster strikes, Guardian Fleet Services stands ready to be your reliable partner in Catastrophe Response. Our comprehensive services allow us to effectively respond to any crisis, ensuring that you are prepared for any scenario. With a focus on airplane crashes, train derailments, hurricanes, flooding, tornados, snowstorms, or ice storms our Catastrophe Response Team is equipped to handle it all.

Equipped for Every Challenge: Where Experience Meets Urgency

We've Seen It All

  • A Superior Towing Heavy-Duty Trucks Lifting machinery from canal

    Off-Road Recovery

  • A Superior rotator lifting a car hauler after a collision with a train, causing a train derailment

    Train Derailment Recovery

  • Structural Collapse Lifting and Assistance

  • Multi-Vehicle Accidents

  • Emerald Towing rotator pulling a sail boat off the beach

    Marine Recovery

  • Emergency Generator Transport

  • Aircraft Recovery

  • skauff's flatbed transporting emergency lighting

    Vehicle and Equipment Transport

  • Oversized Machinery Transport

  • Emergency recovery of flood and devastated vehicles of all sizes

  • M100 lifting a fuel tank that was misplaced by wind and flooding during a hurricane

    Recovery of wind-impacted trailers and commercial equipment

Proactive Measures for Peace of Mind


Guardian Fleet Services takes proactive steps to help you prepare for impending disasters. Safeguard your equipment by entrusting Guardian Fleet Services to transport it away from potential harm. Boasting a fleet exceeding 550 power units and over 100 specialized trailers, we proudly offer the most extensive collection of specialized tractors and trailers in the United States.

Our trailers showcase ground-loading capabilities ranging from 20 to 85 tons, with gross combination weights spanning from 80,000 lbs. to 284,000 lbs. This versatility ensures that Guardian Fleet Services is your go-to solution for handling over-dimensional and out-of-gauge equipment and products. Count on us to move your valuable assets with precision and care, providing peace of mind in the face of adversity.

We, also, specialize in relocating generators to your facilities, providing you with a reliable power source when you need it the most.


With a widespread presence, Guardian Fleet Services spans over 30 locations across the Southern United States. Our affiliated companies collectively boast over 200 years of invaluable experience, a dedicated team of 600+ employees, and a specialized towing and transportation fleet exceeding 550 assets.

Included in our diverse fleet are wreckers and rotators with an impressive lift capacity of up to 100 tons, along with a variety of trailers, Catastrophe Response Dedicated Vehicles, dollies, TowTac technology for relocating electric vehicles, spreader bars, straps, and chains. Our well-trained drivers and crew members are prepared for hurricane-related challenges, equipped to handle any situation with expertise.

In the face of emergencies, Guardian Fleet Services has established robust protocols, stocked essential supplies, and deployed necessary equipment to ensure our fleet remains accessible when our community needs us most. You can count on us for reliable and responsive service during critical times.

We’ll be where you need us when you need us


Our Catastrophe Response Team is strategically stationed near anticipated disaster areas, ensuring a rapid response time. Guardian Fleet Services is committed to being on the front lines during storms, equipped with offices that feature generators and personnel on-site. Our cutting-edge technology allows for 24-hour operations, regardless of weather conditions, ensuring uninterrupted support when you need it most.

Wherever assistance is required, count on us to be there. Our extensive experience encompasses diverse terrains affected by natural disasters or vehicle catastrophes. Equipped with cutting-edge vehicles and technology, we stand ready to respond to any event. Our skilled team, paired with specialized towing and transportation equipment, enables us to navigate around obstacles and fit within clearance limitations, ensuring the safety of your equipment or vehicles.

M100 rotator lifting storm command unit


  • Generators

    Relocated and strategically placed for uninterrupted power supply.

  • Dispatcher's hand on the phone

    Dispatch Flexibility

    Ability to move dispatch operations to another regional center for seamless coordination.

  • Largest Fleet in the U.S.

    Guardian Fleet Services boasts the largest fleet of towing, recovery, and specialized transport power units in the United States.

  • Crockett's Tow Truck Fleet

    Versatile Equipment

    Our fleet includes wreckers and rotators with lift capacity up to 100 tons, various trailers, dollies, TowTac (for locating electric vehicles), spreader bars, straps, and chains.


At Guardian Fleet Services, we understand the importance of safety for our customers and communities. Our Catastrophe Response Team is dedicated to providing reliable and swift assistance in any event, ensuring that you can navigate through challenges with confidence.

Our internal safety department dedicated to ensuring that all of our operations meet the highest safety standards. Our safety department conducts regular inspections, provides ongoing training, and implements best practices to minimize risks and ensure the well-being of our team and the community. We also have an incentive program in place to encourage and reward safe behavior. This program recognizes and rewards team members who go above and beyond to prioritize safety in their work. With our commitment to safety and our dedicated safety department, you can trust that we will always prioritize the well-being of everyone involved in our operations.

Euless B&B Wrecker Service Specialized Transport unit transporting a generator


In the face of disaster, having the right resources at hand can make all the difference. At Guardian Fleet Services, we understand the importance of having a secure and well-equipped storage facility. Our facilities are designed to accommodate oversized vehicles, generators of various sizes, lighting sources, power sources, damaged vehicles, flooded vehicles, and mobile command units. With our 24/7 monitoring system, you can rest assured that your assets are safe and secure. Whether you need a place to store equipment during a crisis or a temporary home for your damaged vehicles, our storage facilities are here to meet your needs.


In times of crisis, rapid and efficient response is paramount. Our team at Guardian Fleet Services is equipped with the necessary certifications to access critical infrastructure such as airports, ports, mines, and other government facilities. Our certifications ensure that we can swiftly and safely navigate these high-security areas, allowing us to provide immediate assistance and support during catastrophic events. With our expertise and credentials, we stand ready to respond to any emergency, ensuring the safety and well-being of those affected.

Kauff's rotator lifting and recovering a destroyed vehicle

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