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CAT 826 Compactor Transport for SWANA Wastecon

Tradeshows are a great opportunity to showcase your brand and services. Guardian Fleet Services can help you get your equipment to the show location in a worry-free manner. Recently, we orchestrated and completed the delivery of a CAT 826 Compactor into the Gaylord Palms Resort for the SWANA Wastecon.

Planning between Kauff’s and Caterpillar started months in advance to review the route to the Gaylord Palm Resort and its accessibility to the showroom. The planning process allowed our specialized transportation team to plan accordingly, avoiding damage to the ground’s landscaping, curbs, and roadways. Our team ran a survey of the property to determine the most accessible entrance into the showroom.  A height survey also had to be created to ensure no overhead obstructions that may interfere with the transport height of 15’3” tall. As a result, numerous trees had to be trimmed in advance to allow for the tall overhead clearance of the giant machine. These precautions allowed our team to ensure the safety of the property, the CAT 826 Compactor, our equipment, and the team involved in the transport.

Kauff’s loaded the compactor on an 8-axle lowboy and delivered the machine on a permitted route with state-certified escorts on the transport day. Once the specialized transport team arrived at the Gaylord Palms, the CAT 826 was transferred onto a day cab, tandem axle tractor from Ace Wrecker, a sister company of Kauff’s under Guardian Fleet Services. This transfer allowed our team to navigate the tight parking lot quarters and indoor corridors easily. Our team safely delivered and unloaded the CAT 826 Compactor at Caterpillar’s booth, which was placed on display for the trade show.


For additional information about our specialized transportation services, visit https://guardianfleetservice.com/specialized-transportation/


CAT 826 Compactor Transport